Archive of Work Made at The Artists' Press

In the The Artists' Press archive, you will find links to prints that we have published and which have sold out or have been archived.  We never reprint work or make "second" editions. All our prints are originals and in limited editions.

The list below consists of links to individual artist's archives. These are updated on a regular basis. We keep records of who each and every print is sold to as well having documentation sheets which detail all the technical details of each print as well as recording the distribution of the printer's proofs, artists' proofs etc.

The aim of keeping an archive is so that collectors, students and researchers can refer to all the work that we have done with artists. All the work published by The Artists' Press is available to look at on this website. We have worked on a contract basis with a number of artists and some of that work is not recorded here or kept on this website. The exception to this is William Kentridge's work. The Artists' Press has collaborated on many editions with Kentridge and the prints are often exciting and technically challenging, hence they appear in our collection.

If there is a print that you think may have been printed by The Artists' Press but which you cannot see on this website please contact us and send us an image of the work. We do have documentation sheets for every print that we have done whether published by us or done on a contract basis and will be happy to email this to you.

Please note that some of the images on these pages are not of the best quality as quite a few of the photographs were taken in the early days of digital or even in pre-digital days. For any further information regarding the prints or our work please contact us.

Simon Attwood

Eric Avery

Paula Beck

Hanneke Benadé

Kim Berman

Henning Bertram

Berry Bickle

Andras Böröcz

Conrad Botes

Elza Botha

Joni Brenner

Norman Catherine

Koaba Coco


Karin Daymond

James Delaney

Chris Deidericks

Anthony Dumville

Paul Emmanuel

Faith 47

Gary Frier

Lettie Gardiner

Kendell Geers

Sandile Goje

Robert Hodgins

Elaine Kehew

Espoir Kennedy

William Kentridge

Banele Khoza

Marieke Kruger

Atta Kwami

Moleleki Frank Ledimo

Ezrom Legae

Johann Louw

Qwaa Mangana

Colbert Mashile

Judith Mason

John Moore

Tommy Motswai

Sybilla Nagel

Andre Naude

Qgoma Ncokg'o (Qmao)

Roy Ndinisa

Sam Nhlengethwa

Deborah Nodder

Cg'ose Ntcox'o (Cgoise)

Robyn Penn

Coex'ae Qgam (Dada)

Nxaedom Qhomatca (Ankie)

Xgaiga Qhomatca

Joachim Schonfeldt

Claudette Schreuders

Richard Scott

Thamae Setshogo

Kathryn Smith

Ncg'abe Taase (Nxabe Eland)

Clive van den Berg

Diane Victor

Nhlanhla Xaba

Xgaoc'o X'are

!Xun and Khwe Art Project

For work that is still available click here

Artists' books

To take a look at the archive of books produced by The Artists' Press please follow the links below (these books are not available from us).

Qauqaua  (Coex'ae Qgam, Kuru Art Project)

Another Day in Paradise (Various artists)

The Human Race (Robert Hodgins)

Portage (William Kentridge)

Breathe (William Kentridge)

Remembering the Treason Trial (William Kentridge)

Pocket Drawings (William Kentridge)

Learning the Flute (William Kentridge)

Libretto (William Kentridge)

GIF 1 (Various artists)

GIF 2 (Various artists)

GIF 3 (Various artists)

Antibody (Belinda Blignaut)

In Praise of Bristlecone Pines (Rita Deanin Abbey)

Patrick Cullinan, Selected Poems 1961 - 1991 (Patrick Cullinan, Judith Mason)

JUST 30 WORDS (INTERLINEARY) (Robbin Ami Silverberg)

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