Photo credit: Zane Meyer

"I caught a bout of what I think was tick bite fever,  I was on the edge of existence, delirious fevers with abstract dreams about my father and the gates of death. We managed to  produce two lithographs during that difficult time however, and very pleased to see the outcome. There is something about working directly onto stone that is meaningful. Direct contact with nature and mark making with traditional tools. And with people as authentic as Mark. A truly valuable experience". Faith XLVII, 2018

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Title: Omnia in mensura et numero et pondere disposuisti
Medium:  Two colour lithograph
Paper size:  57.8 x 72.2 cm
Image size: 46 x 61 cm
Edition size: 15

Title: Capax infiniti
Medium:  Six colour lithograph
Paper size:  60 x 44 cm
Edition size: 35
Published by Jonathan LeVine Gallery, New York 2015

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