Koaba Coco

Koaba Coco is married to fellow artist Thama Kase. She joined the Kuru Art Project having decided to try out artwork as a means of earning an income after having seen the success of Thama's work. These are the first lithographs that she has made and the care with which she approaches her subject matter is clear to see. Her line work is detailed and her compositions carefully thought out. The fauna and flora of the Lowveld are the things that captured her eye and are shown in her two prints.

Coco has shown that as a female artist she does not have to stand back. She also loves to portray her world, especially the Kalahari veld and animals. At the same time, she shows through her art that she is from a different generation, by often portraying village life as it is today, the woman with western clothes, new school buildings, clinics and motorcars.

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Title: Tree at Waterfield
Medium: Six colour lithograph
Size: 38 x 50 cm
Edition size: 40
Price: R 2 850 (excl.VAT)

Title: Giraffe in the Way
Medium: Six colour lithograph
Size: 50 x 38 cm
Edition size: 40

Look at Work by Koaba Coco's Husband

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