GIF 2 was published by The Artists' Press in collaboration with FIG Gallery in 1994. Artists were asked to submit an edition of 101 works that would be able to fit inside the given format. When it was launched the book sold for R 425, most of which went towards covering the bronze casting costs for the cover.

At the bottom of this page, you will find links to all of the books that have been produced at The Artists' Press.

The bronze hooves were done by Guy Du Toit.

Laying out the bronzes to assemble onto the covers.

The list of artists who contributed work.

Cutting edge technology at the time.

Photocopies were reluctantly accepted.

Below are links to the artists books that are currently available from The Artists' Press:

GIF 4 (Various artists)

Qauqaua  (Coex'ae Qgam, Kuru Art Project)

Joanne of Ark (Flip Hattingh)

The Ultimate Safari (Nadine Gordimer and various artists)

To take a look at the archive of books produced by The Artists' Press please follow the links below, these books are not available from us.

Another day in Paradise (Various artists)

The Human Race (Robert Hodgins)

Portage (William Kentridge)

Breathe (William Kentridge)

Remembering the Treason Trial (William Kentridge)

Pocket Drawings (William Kentridge)

Learning the Flute (William Kentridge)

Libretto (William Kentridge)

GIF 1 (Various artists)

GIF 3 (Various artists)

Antibody (Belinda Blignaut)

In Praise of Bristlecone Pines (Rita Deanin Abbey)

Patrick Cullinan, Selected Poems 1961 - 1991 (Patrick Cullinan, Judith Mason)

JUST 30 WORDS (INTERLINEARY) Robbin Ami Silverberg

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  • Joanne of Ark

    An artists book by Flip Hattingh

  • The Ultimate Safari

    An artists book illustrated by women who walked through the Kruger National Park to get to South Africa with text by Nadine Gordimer

  • GIF 4

    GIF 4 is the fourth GIF book to be produced by The Artists' Press. An ecclectic mix of artists conbtributed towards the book which is a limited edition of 101.

  • GIF 1

    GIF 1 was the first GIF book to be produced by The Artists' Press. It sold for R 50 per copy.