Chris Diedericks

Chris Diedericks portrait with his head slightly tilted and gentle smile

Chris Diedericks studied Fine Art at the University of the North West and has travelled and exhibited widely since the early 1990s. His work is found in many local and international collections. Diedericks explores versions of self, how narratives are shaped and the contrast between utopia and dystopia with his striking figures.

"The print deals with the light-headed feeling of symbolic flight when falling in love...the magic wand becomes an instrument for healing through loving/caring/compassion in the sometimes inexorable world we live in..." Chris Diedericks

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Black and white print of a reclining figure with head turned towards viewer holding a stripped stick.

Title: The Hearts Confessional II
Medium: Single colour lithograph
Paper size: 38 x 52.5 cm
Image size: 26 x 39.5 cm
Edition size: 30
Price: R 2 350 (excl.VAT)

a kneeling man with dog forms above his head and dogs on the ground behind a fence.

Title: The Hearts Confessional VIII
Medium: Two colour lithograph
Year: 1996
Edition size: 9

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