Joanne of Ark

artists book

Joanne of Ark is a lighthearted book by Flip Hattingh with a brass cover made by a plumber and assembled by The Artists' Press. The artist worked at The Artists' Press at the beginning of winter at The Bag Factory. The studio was built as a factory/ warehouse and had no proper heating or insulation. This artists book was produced under harsh working conditions! However the book is beautifully illustrated with rich areas of saturated colour and glints of gold leaf. The brass cover picks this up.

Ark Print Cakes:

1 Artist
1 Book design
15 Aluminium litho plates
lots of crayons
6 Colours
2 Printers
+/-49 Cups of cheap coffee

Artist designs book + draws it on the plates separating colours carefully whilst drinking cheap coffee. Plates are mixed with various aromatic inks and printed by those printers in an edition of 40.

Done in 1995 before it got really cold. Printed and published some time later by The Artists' Press.

Price: R 2 600 (excl.VAT) (a ridiculously low price!)

Artists Books

artists books

Brass cover made by
The New York Plumbing Co. in

artists book

artists book

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