New Editions

New Editions of limited edition original prints available from The Artists' Press by leading Southern African artists. Techniques used include lithography (both plate and stone), monoprint, lino cut and letterpress.
Please scroll down the list of artist's names and select whose new work you would like to look at.

Judith Mason Lithographs 2015

Hanneke Benadé Lithographs 2015

GIF 3 Artists' Book

Karin Daymond, Welcome Stranger 2015

Karin Daymond, Karin daymond prints, landscape lithographs

Claudette Schreuders, Great Expectations 2015

Anton Kannemeyer, Lithographs 2014

anton Kannemeyer, south african lithographs, south african printworkshop

Diane Victor, Lithographs 2014

Sam Nhlengethwa Tribute prints 2014

sam nhlengethwa, south african art, sam nhlengethwa lithographs

Strijdom van der Merwe Prints 2014