Winston Thekiso

Winston Thekiso is a young artist from Nelspruit who we have recently started to work with, he has just signed his first print and it is now available from us. Here is what he has written about the print, what he says resonates with where we are as a country at the moment.

"It takes a great deal of attention to be conscious of one’s thoughts and actions.Just to look without any judgement or an intention to change or stop a train of thought. To observe in silence, fully aware of all that happens in a moment. And to see it for what it truly is without giving any thought to it.
The piece aims, therefore, aims to explore a human mind that is endlessly involved in thought and never seems to rest. It never lets one to stop and smell the flowers along the beautiful journey of life. Hence the image of a person made out of a flower with a very turbulent background which represents an uncomfortable life situation". Winston Thekiso, 2017

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New Editions from The Artists' Press

Title: Silence
Medium: Single colour lithograph
Size: 41.5 x 33.4 cm
Edition size: 20
Price: R 1 500 (Excl. VAT)