News update August 2006

Jambo, Jambo (Swahili for Howzit!),

Greetings from a far too cold Lowveld, where we are going through the coldest winter recorded since 1969. The garden has frosted and is beginning to look alarmingly like the highveld. In order to escape this lot, Tamar took her ill-gotten gains from the Origins Centre commission at Wits and paid for twelve days of bliss in Zanzibar. Conrad Botes recommended Hakuna Majiwe Lodge to us, proving that not only is he a fine artist but also a pretty good travel advisory service. His print "Secret Language II" has just been bought by The Museum of Modern Art in New York for their collection. Got the print, got the holiday!

Joseph Legate went to Tamarind (University of New Mexico) two years ago to do their Professional Printer Training Programme. From his class, he and one other student were selected for the Master Printer Training Programme. It is great to have him back in the studio and to have a fellow master printer for Mark to work with. While in the States a classmate decided to call him by his proper name, so Leshoka Legate has returned... Syneth Nyandeni who joined us from The Artists Proof Studio just before Leshoka went to the US has been awarded a bursary by The National Arts Council and will be leaving us in August to do the Professional Printer Training Programme at Tamarind. Sarah Dudley and Ulrich Kuhle who were with us for six months are about to start working in Australia at a University workshop that does prints with Aboriginal Artists, we hope that Australia realises how lucky they are to have such print talent in their midst.

After living next to the press for four years Judith Mason has finally been manipulated into doing some prints. A suite of three prints using a hyena as her muse has been completed and can be seen on the website. She is currently working on a huge three-dimensional commission that will take about two years to complete. Simon and Maru are privileged to be able to watch this work evolving each time they pop into Ouma's house to see what treats she has for them. We will keep you updated on developments. Let's just say that Ouma has some plans...

On the exhibition front, Robert Hodgins and Jan Neethling are currently exhibiting their work at Art on Paper which includes prints that they did at the workshop earlier this year. This will be followed by an exhibition of Johan Louw's work, which will include prints that he did with us. Claudette Schreuder's first series of prints that she did with us are currently on exhibition at MOMA as part of Since 2000: Printmaking Now, the exhibition also includes William Kentridge's book, Portage, that we collaborated on.

If you are in the Northern Hemisphere try to keep safe from world madness and enjoy the rest of the warm weather, if you are in the South, vasbyt, winter is nearly over!

With warm wishes

Mark and Tamar

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