Print Archive

What follows is a catalogue of prints, a print archive, of prints that have been printed by The Artists' Press. The work that is listed here has been published by the press and is no longer available for sale as the editions have been completely sold out. Click on the links to see individual artists' archives. Follow the links to see what is still available by the artist that you are interested in. We have included an archive of work that we have done for William Kentridge, these prints were done on a contract basis and were not published by us.

Kim Berman archive

Kim Berman prints that are available

Conrad Botes print archive

Conrad Botes prints that are available

Robert Hodgins print archive

Robert Hodgins prints that are available to purcahse

Colbert Mashile print archive

Colbert Mashile prints that are still available

Judith Mason print archive

Judith Mason prints that are available

Sam Nhlengethwa print archive

Sam Nhlengethwa prints that are available

Claudette Schreuders print archive

Claudette Schreuders prints that are available

William Kentridge print archive

More William Kentridge prints

Diane Victor print archive

Diane Victor prints that are still available

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